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100% geared investment

Capital protection at maturity

Minimum investment $20,000

Investment Term 7.5 Years

Can withdraw before maturity

Offer closes 12th December 2007




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Macquarie Reflexion Trusts - November 2007


The objective of the Reflexion Solution is to provide investors with 100% geared exposure to gains on international stocks while reducing the exposure to currency and interest rate fluctuations and to negative investment performance. ReFleXion has core features that combine to produce a powerful investment opportunity.

  • Global investment opportunities with growth potential: the Macquarie reFleXion Trust offers investors the opportunity to access a diverse range of global investments
  • 100% gearing with competitive funding costs: the 100% gearing facility enables investors* to invest with a low capital outlay.  Investors will also have access to competitive interest rates and a range of flexible loan options under Investment Loans offered by Macquarie Bank Limited or a related body corporate (the Loan Provider)*
  • Capital protection at maturity: investments in each of the Macquarie reFleXion Trusts will be individually capital protected, thus ensuring that investors receive a return at least sufficient to meet their Investment Loan repayment obligation at maturity**

There are 8 reFleXion trusts to choose from:


ReFleXion Trusts

An investment in the Macquarie reFleXion Trusts - June 2007 offers you choice and flexibility. You have the option of selecting one or more of the following investments and borrowing 100% of your initial investment amount from Macquarie Bank Limited*. This means you can invest in selected international growth markets with little upfront cost.

You can select any or all of the following investments:

  • Reflexion Japan Trust;
  • Reflexion Japan Focus Trust;
  • Reflexion Best of Japan & Australia Trust;
  • Reflexion BRIC and Emerging Markets Trust;
  • Reflexion China Trust;
  • Reflexion Europe Trust;
  • Reflexion Commodity Trust; or
  • Reflexion Renewable Energy Trust;

In order to invest, you must also borrow 100% of the investment amount in AUD from Macquarie Bank Limited.

Loan Rates

100% finance is available for this investment at the following rates:


Investment Option

Floating Rate

Monthly in Arrears

Semi Fixed Rate

Annual Pre-payment

Reflexion Japan Trust

5.80% 6.30%

Reflexion Japan Focus Trust

5.80% 6.30%

Reflexion Best of Japan & Aust

7.30% 7.80%

Reflexion Asia Property

7.95% 8.40%

Reflexion BRIC & Emerging Trust

7.95% 8.40%

Reflexion China Trust

7.95% 8.40%

Reflexion Europe Trust

7.90% 7.95%

Reflexion Commodity Trust

7.90% 7.95%

Reflexion Renewable Energy Trust

7.90% 7.95%




Investment Features

100% geared investment

Tax deduction for interest expense

Full capital protection at maturity

4 investment options to choose from

Closes 12th December 2007

2.0% cash rebate (or discounted entry fee)


Fees, Charges and Commissions

This investment pays a 2.0% upfront commission to brokers. If you lodge this investment through us we will either waive this 2.0% entry fee, or provide a cash rebate of 2.0%.  If you invest direct you will not receive this rebate. A trail commission is payable on the investment of 0.27% per annum.



Further Information

For further information please download any of the following files or right click on the button and 'save target as' to download to your computer (all files are in *pdf format):


Product Disclosure Statement (3.0mb)

Investment Flyer (200k)

Lonsec Research (360k)





*The interest rates indicated in this document are indicative only and are based on the interest rates set out in the relevant PDS.

IMPORTANT : This information has been prepared without taking into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. National Financial Solutions Pty Ltd (the authorising licensee) makes no recommendations as to the merits of any investment opportunity referred to on this site or via email correspondence. All indications of performance returns are historical and can not be relied upon as an indicator for future performance. Any investment decision in the products listed is entirely yours. NFS bears no responsibility for the appropriateness of the investment to your circumstances.  NFS will not be held responsible for the performance or security of any investment going forward. Furthermore NFS recommends that you seek advice from an independent person as to the appropriateness of any investment that is placed through our service.

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